Hello Dear Cat Lover,

My name is Winky.   I was abandoned in town and left to roam looking for love and food. At some time in the summer of 2015, I sustained a terrible injury to my eye, unable to see, suffering pain and drainage from the eye, I continued to search for shelter and food into the month of December. A kind woman began feeding me, she noticed my eye, but was unable to take me to a vet. Thankfully I was seen by another lady who was feeding other abandoned cats and she contacted a trapper to rescue me. I was taken to Dr. Gawley at the Cat Clinic in Canyon Park, for two weeks I received medicines to clear the infection in my eye, before she was able to remove it. I am no longer in pain, happy and looking for my forever home.   I enjoy lap sitting, talking, playing with the Da Bird, a feather wand, lounging on the cat tree by a window and catnip toys. I love to sleep with my person. I love to be stroked, but just a few strokes as I get over stimulated and sometimes nip the hand. I can get “attitude” (my tail will start flipping back and forth) or if a hand or something comes on my blind side, I get scared and upset, getting some quiet time helps calm me. I enjoy being brushed and since I have long silky hair, brushing helps keep the mats out. I need to be an ONLY CAT. I would love someone that works from their home or is retired so I get a lot of attention. I never want to be abandoned again or have to roam outside fighting to survive, although sometimes I might just get an urge to “door dash”, so make sure I am not allowed to do this. My dream is to live out my life with my special person and never have to worry about food, shelter or the dangers of being outside. Having one eye makes me vulnerable to be harmed.

I was adopted but the lady could not keep me because I jumped the gate separating me from an aggressive dog. She did not want me to get harmed. If there are any questions, please contact my foster mom, Mary at 425-308-4131 or

Love, Purrs and Kisses, Winky



Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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