She’s Five and a bit shy, and she was abandoned               


Trixy is beautiful – a shorthaired tortico, with beautiful eyes… and after living the first 5 years of her life with one family, she was abandoned at a shelter because “some relatives were coming to stay who are allergic”. A lifetime for her, just tossed out the window.

Trixy went home with one family, and was returned 1 week later because she didn’t like the dog.

Then, this past summer, Trixy went home with a family who wanted to be her forever people. They felt so bad for her – she hid for 2 weeks, but finally with coaxing she came out. She bonded nicely to the woman in the home, and accepted the child – but she could not accept the man, or the ancient dog (who ignored her). Worst of all was those other cats – Trixy does NOT like other cats!

After 5 full months of working on it, Trixy’s family has decided she is just not happy with them. They think her best shot at a home where she can be happy is with a single woman, in a quiet home. Her foster mom says “Trixy wants attention, loves to be petted, loves to burrow into the covers and be safe. She needs someone who is willing to work on developing the trust this cat needs to feel safe, but once she is settled she really shows what a great cat she is. It won’t happen overnight, but all she needs is some time” 

Do YOU have the time? For the right home, there will be no fee – but don’t take Trixy because she is pretty. Take her because you see the need of a cat who has lost her whole life, and who needs to be sure it won’t happen again. Take her only if you will commit to loving her for the rest of her life.

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