The Purr Sisters

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Luna, Ginny and Hermione are a bonded trio who were spayed by Community Cat Coalition volunteers and then promptly lost their home when their owner was in an accident. It wasn’t much of a home to lose. They lived in trees, under cars and even in an abandoned boat. Food was scarce and coyotes were abundant. That they survived at all is something of a miracle, so we gave them magical names to honor their ability to survive. We know it will also be a miracle if this family gets to stay together, but we have to try!

Ginny was trapped first. Set up in a spare room, she promptly vanished. (We suspect she has an invisibilty cloak.) Although unseen, we could hear her cry and call for her missing sisters at night. It broke our hearts! A week later, we trapped one of her sisters and the heartbreaking cries nearly stopped. Finally, we got the third and the crying stopped completely. The next morning, all three were curled up together.

Here are the bios on the three girls.

Hermione was nearly impossible to trap, but is the sweetest and most social of the goup. With beautiful eyes and cute white mustache, she LOVES attention and purrs happily when you pet her. Her intelligence was obvious when we tried for weeks to get her in the trap. Nope, she was NOT going in. She tried to steal food from the car of the trappers and pulled the papers from the traps to get the food on them, but she was not going to get in that trap. Whenever we were there, she watched us suspiciously from trees and high spots, so I expected her to be feral. But when she finally went in after days with no food, she instantly purred and begged for attention. All that suspicion of strangers and coyotes served her well and helped her survive. But she is just as fast to trust kind humans.

Gray and white Luna was the second to trap and she is equally smart. Her “trap trick” was to reach over the trip plate and pick up food with her paws to eat it. After watching her do this for weeks, we finally lucked out when another cat brushed up against the door while she was stealing bait causing it to close behind her. She was NOT happy! Like Hermione, Luna enjoys attention and adores canned food, but she is slower to trust. She did not want to be petted at all during her first week in a foster home. Now, she comes up for petting with tail held high and making a funny growly sound. Then she flops over so you can pet her belly too. Like her Harry Potter namesake “Luna Lovegood”, her social skills are a little off, but we love her spunk and spirit. It will take her a week or two to settle into a new home. Most cats who have learned to survive by hiding from predators do best when started off in a small room. Once she feels safe and comes to you for attention, you can let her out into the rest of the house. We don’t think that will be long.

Ginny is touchable, but doesn’t approach her foster mom yet. Though she is fast to put on her invisibility cloak, we know she will socialize over time. When we were trapping the group, Ginny would approach and eat treats from our fingers. That is a great sign! And an even better sign this morning—she did a perfect kitty “elevator legs” when she was petted this morning. Trust will come.

We know it will take a bit of magic to find these sisters a home, but we also know there are special people out there who know the joy of taking in true rescues and showing them that life can be good. Ginny, Luna and Hermione are between 1 and 2 years old. They’d do best in a quiet, cat-savvy home. They are spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated and all three proudly sport ear tips. If you are interested in adopting, please email

Luna – Gray and White

Hermione – Black with white mustache

Ginny – Black with white on right cheek

Hermione in her tree.

Ginny asking for a treat.

Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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