Sienna was trapped last year as a kitten of 10-12 weeks in a very bad neighborhood, and would not have survived if left there. She was put in foster with her sibs, but stayed mildly spooky – sweet, but just a touch jumpy. One of the foster moms took her to live with her group of indoor/outdoor cats, and while Sienna never seemed to form a bond with any of them, she fit in as bottom of the rung baby. No one was bad to her, and she came to cuddle and sleep with her foster mom – yet at times she would (and still does) all of a sudden look at “mom” like she was a MONSTER! She loves to be petted, and on the whole has relaxed.

Unfortunately, this past summer most of the indoor/outdoor cats spent the warm summer outside, while Sienna stuck close to the house. It became HER house, and as fall rolled in she became a bit aggressive with the cats returning to the warmth of home. She has targeted one in particular, hounding her day and night. The foster mom has tried several remedies, and now has Sienna on mood altering drugs – this helps, but does not alleviate the aggression towards that one cat! With Sienna being the last one to enter the home, it is unfortunate but she cannot stay. Her foster mom does not want to see her on drugs all her life – she is young, just a bit over 1 year of age!

We are looking for the right home for her – this will likely be a single cat home, though in the future a kitten could be added; she is not a cat hating cat, but a multi-cat home and her being on the bottom of the pile is not working. She does fine with the dogs, and while she would likely be spooky at first in a new home, she actually is pretty mellow. Her health is good though she is a bit fat… 🙂

Please email Nancy at if you are interested in talking about Sienna. She’s had everything done, and there will be no fee for the right home – we just want to see her AND the other cats happy. Thank you!







Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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