This pretty girl was a bag of bones when she was found starving  in Snohomish County.  Less than half her ideal body weight, she was not only hungry, but in heat!  When pretty Rowan went in to be checked out by a vet, the doctor exclaimed that she is one of the sweetest and friendliest cats she’s ever met.  Its true!  We clipped her nails, vaccinated her, and shaved her belly to check for a spay scar, and she just purred!  She will be a  very adoptable girl when she gains more weight and there are fewer kittens around competing for homes.  Everyone loves kittens, but there is an advantage to adopting an adult.  You know just what you are getting! Rowan is very people oriented and loves attention from anyone.  Some cats are shy with strangers, but Rowan is completely convinced that every human is wonderful and she will approach new people for pets.  Emaciated when found, she has gained weight rapidly and has turned into quite the gorgeous girl.   She does have one  troublesome habit.  When you walk, she flops down right where your foot is about to land.  It is like, “Stop! Pay attention to me.”   I came close to naming her “Tripper” because I’ve nearly fallen several times!  Perhaps when she is in a home and less desperate for attention, she will do this less frequently.  But if you take her home, be prepared to watch your step. Email if you are interested in adopting or fostering this lovely girl.

Rowan Best small

Rowan B small

Rowan 3 s

Rowan 2 s

Rowan 1 s


Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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