Remus just might be the cutest foster kitten in 15 years! Trapped as a feral kitten, he purred within 2 days of being trapped, but is still shy and will probably always be a bed diver when strangers come around. Have you ever had a cat like Remus? Kittens like him tend to bond very closely to just one or two humans. They don’t do well with kids or in busy households, but thrive in a quiet home. All cats need lifelong homes, but this is particularly important for the shy ones, because they form such a tight bond with their owner. They just don’t adjust well if rehomed as adults. While he loves to be petted and will eat out of your hand, he remains spooky if you move fast or walk towards him. To acclimate to his new home, he’ll need to stay in a small bathroom or bedroom without hiding spots for at least 2 to 3 weeks. When we adopt kittens like him and tell people this, they sometimes grow impatient and turn them loose in the house a day or two later. And guess what, instead of taking a few weeks to settle in, it can take months. In large spaces, the instinct to hide is stronger and if you can’t handle him, he won’t tame or bond to you. He might eventually, but it will literally add many months to the process. So, Remus is really going to be a good fit for someone who has had experience with very shy kittens and knows how wonderful it feels when they finally learn to trust. In his foster home. Remus has a couple of tame kitten pals and these have really helped him to socialize fast. For that reason, we would love to see him adopted into a home with a confident male kitten who needs a companion and who can teach him to be more trusting. Remus is visibly braver when he sees kittens walking up to an having happy interactions with people. He will march right over like, “Oh! We can sit on her lap? Cool!” With a kitten to model social behavior, he does great. Remus is neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. The adoption fee will be waived if you have a kitten or young cat from MEOW Cat Rescue, Cat Tales, Grass Roots or Pasados Safe Haven. He will need a companion in his new home and will need to be a strictly indoor only cat. Because shy cats have a high “return” rate, we can only do local adoption in Snohomish or North of downtown Seattle in King County.) Email if you are interested in adopting Remus. You can copy and paste the readoption questionnaire from our Cat Tales site into a new email. As with all out cats and kittens, we recommend a two week trial to make sure he seems like a great fit for your home. We want you to have a cat or kitten that you will enjoy for 15 or 20 years.

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