Mirabella is a tortoiseshell cat who is looking for a wonderful forever home. She loves to cuddle, she hugs, loves being held, talks to you in meows and is happiest when she gets pet and has a lap to cuddle on. She loves being close to her human. She enjoys her naps, cat nip and a mouse toy when she feels spunky too. Mirabella has had a very rough time in her life and is looking for an experienced cat person to care for her.

She was rescued after being found on the streets of Marysville in the summer of 2015. She was found wandering, cold, dehydrated, underweight, sick and alone. A kind teenager pulled Mira off of the streets that night.   After being in her first foster for a month or so she was turned over to a local shelter for them to rehome her. Sadly, that shelter determined Mira needed vet care that the shelter would not offer her. They guessed she was a senior cat and deemed “unadoptable.” They decided to put her on the list to be euthanized!

I heard that she was going to be put to sleep through a local Facebook Cat Group and I had to pull her from the shelter. I decided to foster Mira myself and went to rescue her before it was too late. I have worked with a vet and nursed her back to health the last few months. She is a good weight now, healthy and ready for a permanent home.

She does have hyperthyroidism, arthritis and a mild form of IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). Those are managed with relatively inexpensive daily medications. She will need an owner who is okay with giving daily medication which is pretty easy and I can show you how I do it. She is hard of hearing but she doesn’t let that hold her back at all.

The adoptor needs to be someone who is willing and able to keep up on any necessary vet care and someone who has experience handling special needs or senior cats. She can be a picky eater at times, but with an attentive owner, she will eat well and continue to gain weight and stay healthy.

Mira tolerates other cats, but mine do not tolerate her so I foster her in my guest room. She deserves her own home to roam in. She loves her pet heat pad, a warm lap, belly rubs and being brushed. She naps well and is always excited for attention.

Mira would do best as an only cat. She may do okay with one or two other laid back, non dominant indoor only cats though. It is important she remains indoors and is never declawed. She does use a cardboard scratch post well. She would do best in a dog free home, perhaps a home with a single person or a couple. Older children would be okay if they know how to be gentle with a senior, special needs cat.

She is a happy, spunky, loving, cuddly, silly, unique, beautiful cat and she is looking forward to finding someone to let her call her own. If you would like to learn more about adopting Mira please reach me. Thank you.

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