Maya and Angelou

How could two beautiful and perfect kittens be considered unadoptable?  Maya and Angelou were born to a feral mom cat and trapped at 3 months of age.   Unfortunately, they missed that early socialization period, so they are shy with strangers and will take a long time to learn to trust.   If you have ever won the trust of kittens like this, you know how rewarding it is!  Kittens like this do well in quiet, predictable homes.  These two LOVE other cats and would be great paired with a confident kitten.  They don’t need to be adopted together, but you do need to have a cat or kitten companion in your home.  Although they are siblings, they have very different personalities.  Maya, the sleek black panther, is a rocket scientist.  Really. She is smart and calculating and we’d be sending her off to an Ivy League school if she walked on two legs.   We think she will take longer to trust, because she has a bit of an imagination.  She imagines that we might be planning to eat her!  Still, she tolerates being picked up and her hisses are more habit than threat.   Sister Angelou is a gorgeous blue-point Siamese mix with very thick fur.  We think she will be closer to medium haired when grown.  Little Angelou looks at you like she wants to trust you.  When sleepy, she enjoys being petted, but sister Maya’s quiet hisses remind her to be wary of the human’s handling her.   If you are considering a pair, we suggest you visit MEOW Cat Rescue, Washington, or click on the Petfinder links for Grass Roots Rescue or Cat Tales and select a friendly kitten to pair with Maya or Angelou.  Both girls are up to date on vaccines, spayed, micro-chipped, tested negative for FeLV and FIV and treated for worms and fleas.   Email for more information or if you wish to foster or adopt these beautiful kittens.

Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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