My name is Marigold, I am an 8 month old Torbie.  My mom, brother and I were left behind when our person moved, I was 4 weeks old.  A lady came and trapped the three of us when I was 8 weeks old and we went to a foster home.  I was so traumatized after all the stress I had been through and even though I was held, loved and given constant attention by my foster mom I remained very shy.  I went to a store for adoption and became use to other people and enjoyed their company and then I was adopted with another kitten that I thought was my friend.  Sadly he became very aggressive and I spent two months under a bed because every time I came out he attacked me.  My foster mom checked on me and found out how I was being terrified each day and not given any attention so she came and the lady released me back to my foster.  I will need a special person to adopt me that has a lot of love, understanding a very shy kitten and patience since I am still cautious  and afraid.  I do get along with a non-aggressive cat and enjoy the company of another nice cat.  I can be petted, especially when I am eating (I love to eat and have a fetish for Temptations) or on my cat tree, I don’t bite even when I am scared.  I need to have a quiet home, no children or dogs, and I will hide at first until I get use to my new family.  I like paying with feather wands, mice, balls and my real trick is to place my toys in my food bowl at night.  Is there someone out there who would like to give me a home and willing to allow me time to gain confidence and learn to trust?  Please contact my foster mom, Mary 425-308-4131 or    Love, Marigold

Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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