Marco Alisdair

This is Marco Alisdair​, and he’s a bit of a project, I don’t doubt worthy of your investment of time and caring.  Marco was seen around an apartment complex known for abandon cats, with what looked like a bad leg.  It turns out, his pelvis was broken, probably from a tango with a car.  He was acting feral, which is not uncommon given his situation.  Well, as it turns out, Marco isn’t feral, he was just in pain.  He needs a solid month of cage rest so that the bones in his hip have the chance to knit back together.  He’s going to have a funny walk, but he’s lucky that the break didn’t interfere with any of his body’s normal elimination processes (all systems are go here).  Are you willing to accept a bit of an unknown?  Want to bond with him while him heals?

Check out this video of Marco with the woman who rescued him.

Contact Marianne Cavelti at for more info on fostering/adopting this particularly deserving guy.

Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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