Lena and Lamont

Lena and Lamont were rescued from a feral colony as older kittens. Their foster mom loved them and socialized them until they were able to go to a home of their own. Approximately 3 years old, Lena and Lamont have lost that home through no fault of their own. Their owner has developed extreme allergies.

Both kitties are shy when you first meet them but have really warmed up to their new foster home. They will need a quiet calm home that will give them time to settle in. Once comfortable, they will come out of their shells. Both want very much to feel loved and feel at ease. They will make great companions once they are settled into a new home.

Lena (gray & white) has very soft fur, loves attention, and cuddling. She will greet you quietly at the door and would love for you to say hello to her with some attention. She loves to play with her sister Lamont. They love to chase the laser light pen.

Lamont (tabby) is more shy and will mostly only want attention on her terms. She is more than ok with Lena being the star of the show! Every once in a while she will ask you for attention but prefers a soft voice and gentle petting. She is a great companion for her sister Lena.

Both Lena and Lamont love catnip! They are very bonded, and we feel that they need to stay together. They will hide if you have new guests around, but they will warm up to regular guests over time. They both get along well with other cats but do not care for dogs or noisy children.

For more information about Lena and Lamont or to request a pre-adoption questionnaire, please contact Jan at: protectkats@yahoo.com



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