Maggie and Jiggs were  adopted as kittens 8 years and returned because their owner wants to be able to travel without worrying about pet sitters. And, she also wants to be able to sing in the house without these 2 running up and insisting on attention. This pair are friendly and affectionate and love to sit in your lap when you are reading or watching TV.  They are used to living with senior citizens, so they will probably adapt faster to an adult-only home. Friendly and confident, they will interact with human visitors once they are settled in and have done fine with some neighbor cats as well.  Both kitties would enjoy having a kitty enclosure or screened in deck to give them some outside time.  Because their previous owner let them outside, they are used to being in a safe yard.  Cat Tales volunteers will be happy to assist you in making an inexpensive outdoor area with deer fencing.  We even have some materials to donate.  Email unadoptablecats@gmail.com for more information.

Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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