Barn Cats

Barn cats!  If you have barn,  garage or shed and you can provide a home for some unadoptable cats, please let us know.  Many will be feral or shy, but some are friendly and outgoing cats with behavioral issues or personalities that are incompatible with an  indoor-only life.  Cats need to be matched carefully to both their environment and to other resident animals, so we will need to speak with you first to see what you are wanting and the type of environment you will be providing.   We will walk you through the process of choosing the correct cats, setting up an acclimation pen or area and post release tips that will help ensure that the cats  stick around and survive.

If you’d like more information on adopting an outdoor cat, please email   For more information on barn cats, check out this Facebook article.




Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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