Special Needs – Atticus

Lost? Abandoned? Trapped and dumped?  We don’t know how Attie ended up on a high school campus, but it is likely he was dumped with his housemate.  Trapped on a high school campus surrounded by acres of woods this fellow was literally on his last leg. With no houses or businesses nearby, there was no way for a cat to find food. Although tame, he exhibited typical lost or “displaced cat” behavior – he ran from humans and kept himself tucked away and hidden. So, the humans who spotted him assumed he was feral.

When starvation set in, his muscles wasted away and he began walking around on his hocks. Earlier this week, he was out looking for food and found it in a humane trap set for another starving cat who had been spotted on campus. Upon being trapped, he made his tameness obvious by crying loudly. And when he was released from the trap he purred and begged to be held. He was a happy boy! And then he ate and ate and ate! He has slowed down on his eating now and is putting on weight but still needs to gain a lot more. Tonight Atticus stood up on his legs like a normal cat, but it will take weeks for him to build new muscles and get his strength back. He is literally skin and bones under that medium long fur.

So, why isn’t Atticus up for adoption right now? One reason is his obvious need to gain weight, but the main reason is that there is a possibility he was trapped and dumped. He may have a family who loves him. It is an unhappy reality that people who dislike cats around their home or business will trap them and dump them far from home. Their family may be looking for them, but not in the area where they have been transported. Often, owners will check their local shelter, but not know that distant shelters should also be checked. Combine this with a lost cat’s tendency to hide and be mistrustful of strangers, and you can add weeks or even months before they are comfortable enough to be captured. By then, their owners have stopped looking.

We hope that Atticus has a loving home, but know that reunions are rare. So, an ideal foster home would be someone who may be willing to adopt him if an owner isn’t found. Atticus has already revealed a lot of his personality. He loves attention, enjoys being held and is a “social eater”. If I walk in his foster room, he immediately gets up to greet me and then goes to the food dish to eat. He does this every time I go in to visit him. A love bug, he has great lap cat potential! If you live in the Snohomish County or north King County area and are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt, please email joryan@frontier.com. We will continue advertising and looking for lost cat advertisements, but if an owner isn’t found he will be available to adopt.

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