** Please note – adoption only in Snohomish County/north Seattle area.
Ali is a 2 year old cat who was adopted to a family when she was just 8 weeks old. Found in the bushes as a baby, this beautiful Siamese mix has never been wild — she was socialized and in a home quickly. She has light blue eyes and unusual tan/light gray markings on her white coat, a tabby striped tail, is short haired and very petite.
Ali was adopted to a family with children — she was in a busy family with frequent visitors, and was said to be very social. She loves to be petted, purrs and rolls around — but she does not like to be picked up. Her family said she wants to come to you, wants it on her terms please. And in the month I’ve had her it is obvious, she is a princess 🙂 There’s no meanness in her spirit, she doesn’t try to bite or scratch if you do pick her up, just struggles to get down.
Ali thought she had a family — she was with them for 2 years, and there were 2 older male cats in the family. Sadly, with divorce the cats were split, the boys went with dad, and mom moved — and didn’t take Ali with. She has returned her to me; I am an independent rescuer, and it is important to me to make sure my rescues never end up abandoned or dumped in shelters. I of course took her back — though I offered to foster during the move and pay the air fare to fly her back to join her family. . . they declined. I will not be charging a fee for Ali, but I will want some assurance she won’t be abandoned again.
When I brought Ali home a month ago, she was so stressed over this move she stopped eating. It took a week with multiple food offerings and finally an appetite stimulant to get her eating, but now she has relaxed and is doing well. She is litter box perfect – will use any litter, clumping/plain clay or pellets have all been tried with no problem. She is playful – above all, she loves attention and interaction. While Ali lived with 2 adult male cats, she is not going to immediately accept another – she will need time. I did try her with some kittens, she did not like them! But she is wanting to make friends with my adult male cat – if she goes to a home with another cat, it should be one with a relatively mellow adult male. She could do well as an only cat too, as long as you will give her enough attention.
While I will not charge a fee, I will need to be involved enough to make sure this is a good fit for her. After we’ve talked and we both feel sure she could be a good fit for you, I would need to bring her to you, and would need an agreement you’ll give updates until we know she has settled in. If for any reason it wasn’t working out, I would want her back. My biggest requirement is the understanding she needs commitment from her people — no more leaving her behind. Pets are not disposable commodities — they are living beings with feelings too, and grieve at the loss of their family. It was heartbreaking watching her suffer, and I do not want her to go through that again.
Ali is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, viral negative, and in good health. Please contact Nancy at if you are interested, I would love to talk with you.


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