Ming – Mr. Mellow Polydactyl

Update: The post below was a year and a half ago, and Ming was adopted. Sadly, while his people have said they love him, there have been changes in the home and Ming started peeing on things. He was started on Prozac and the peeing stopped right away – but he is still in the adjustment period and his people are getting frustrated – 3 days ago he got too sleepy and didn’t eat, they cut back the meds, he peed… I will be bringing him home to get the dosage adjusted, but in the meantime I wanted to get the ball rolling on finding him a home – this time, hopefully one that will last! Check out his story and see if you think you might have room in your heart for this wonderful boy:

 At 11 years of age, Ming is not a baby – but he’s not ancient either! This handsome polydactyl man has a lot of good years left in him, and if you are looking for a mellow man to simply be your cuddle buddy, he’s your guy! Ming was about 5 years of age when we took him in – sadly, his humans moved and were witnessed driving back to their old home and DUMPING this boy back out at the empty house! A neighbor began feeding him and asked us to find a home – and for the past 5 years, he’s had a wonderful home. But due to a new living partner who is allergic to cats, Ming is once again losing his home. This time he will not be dumped – his dad really loves him and wants only the best for him. Unfortunately, he needs that home to be soon – so, here is what dad has to say about Ming:

 “Ming seems fine with another cat as well as being on his own, as long as there are people around to cuddle with. I’ve noticed he likes to watch TV, so when I’ve had to leave for days at a time I’ve left the TV in the living room on with the volume almost off. He seems to enjoy the cartoon network, national geographic, and most shows with animals and nature scenes. I love watching him watch TV. If a bird appears on the screen, he tenses, gets really focused, and wiggles his butt as if ready to pounce. He also tends to lose interest during commercials.

I’ve also taken him to Petco in Alderwood several times for bathing and nails caps and he is incredibly well behaved. The ladies in the shop love him and while their policy limits care to cats who are under the age of ten they say he can return anytime. I would never declaw him, either, or let anyone care for him who would. The nail caps are a good idea, though, as he does like to kneed on things.

 He is such a good cat and I’m sad I cannot keep him. However, given how rarely I am home and the allergy issues, I just want to know he is well cared for, loved, and happy. I can’t think of any exclusions. He will want to sleep on or near whoever cares for him if there are no other cats. I’m sure he would be a great uncle to a kitten as he is very mellow.

 When we first met, I couldn’t hold him for more than a few seconds before he wiggled out. Recently, I’ve been able to cradle him like a baby for about 30 minutes. He will flip over so that he’s laying on my arms or legs, but stays and purrs most of the time. There is so much love in his eyes.”

 If you are interested in adopting Ming, please contact Nancy at grassrootsrescuewa@gmail.com – this handsome cat is just waiting for you!

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