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When adopting a cat from Grassroots Rescue, you will be dealing solely with the rescuer of that cat. While we have a generic questionnaire for you to fill out, the most important thing will be for you to connect with the rescuer and find out more about this cat; discussing the cat and your lifestyle will help your rescuer know if this cat will be a good fit for you! Filling out the adoption application will answer the basic questions for your rescuer, but we look forward to answering your questions as well. The application has been pasted below, and you may copy/paste it into an email and send directly to the rescuer in order to hasten the process; alternately, the rescue will send you the application as an attachment. You may sign the application electronically.

Grassroots Rescue Cat Adoption Application


This cat is a rescue cat, taken in to foster by an independent rescuer. The rescuer for this cat is


Name or description of cat(s) applying for:


Applicant Name/Age:
Address (inc. zip):
Home Phone :                                                                           E-mail:


Employer & Occupation:


Name/s & Age’s of other household residents.



1. Where do you live? ___house ___townhouse /condo ___apartment ___trailer


2. Do you own or rent your residence? ____own ____rent


a. if rent, name of landlord and phone number?


b. are pets allowed? ____yes ____no ____not sure


c. is there an additional charge for pets? ____yes ____no ____not sure


3. Describe those pets you still own:


Sex (spay/neuter?)
4. Please List name & phone number of each vet where your animal(s) received care:
* Clinic name & Number
* Veterinarian:
* Phone number (inc. area code):
* What owner name(s) are records listed under:
* Date of last vet visit:
5. What kind of food do you plan to give your cat?      Do you have a favorite brand?
6. Where do you plan to put the litterbox?


7. We have a strict no declaw policy – will you agree to this? ____yes   ____no  ____not sure
8. Do you want an indoor only, indoor/outdoor, or outdoor only cat? (please circle choice) Please understand not every cat is suited for every situation, you will need to discuss with the rescuer.
9. If you move, what will you do with the cat?


10. Our goal is to prevent this cat from becoming homeless again – while many people have never thought of this, we need to ask – if you should develop a chronic illness or die, do you have someone in your life who would give your cat a home? May we have their name for our records?


13. Is there any behavior issues that would cause you to give up a cat? (you can be honest J)


14. Please list what kind of routine veterinary care you plan to provide for your cat (including flea control, shots, etc., if known)


I pledge that the above information is true and complete. Further, I give permission to contact my landlord and my veterinarian (as appropriate).  I agree to return the cat to the foster if I am unable to keep him/her.
Signature ________________________________________________ Date ________________



Who We Are

Welcome to Grassroots Rescue!


“Grassroots – The term implies that the creation of the movement and the group supporting it are natural and spontaneous, highlighting the differences between this and a movement that is orchestrated by traditional power structures.”

Grassroots Rescue is a different kind of rescue. We are not a shelter, nor an organization with a single structure or a single set of rules. We are an organization dedicated to helping the individual, grassroots rescuer – the people out on the streets who are saving the abandoned, lost, and unwanted cats in our communities. There are many shelters and rescues designed to care for cats under one set “umbrella”; in Grassroots Rescue, you will find independent rescuers fostering their own rescue cats, doing their own adoptions, and being responsible for the total care of the cat they have rescued.

In Grassroots Rescue, individual policies may vary – some may do indoor/outdoor cat adoptions, some may be indoor only, some may have cats available to be barn cats. While the individual rescuers will establish their own criteria, there are some basic standards all have agreed to uphold. They are:

  •  All cats will be spayed/neutered.
  •  All cats will be vaccinated for FVRCP/Rabies
  •  All cats will be microchipped
  •  All cats will be tested for leukemia
  •  Adopters must sign a contract agreeing to no declawing.
  •  100% return acceptance policy with the individual  rescuer
  •  All adopters/potential adopters will be treated courteously

It is important that the potential adopter understand, grassroots rescue is a process that involves the emotions. We have saved cats from difficult situations, and are committed to ensuring a good life for them. People sometimes feel judged when they are wanting to adopt a cat, as if they have to “prove” they are good enough – we do NOT intend to make anyone feel this way! Please understand our only intent is to make sure both you and the cat in whom you are interested will be happy. Our goals in adoption are to have our cats loved, with regular food, medical care and shelter. Let us help you ensure the cat you bring into your life is truly the cat you want!

Adoption fees for all cats in Grassroots Rescue vary, to be determined by the individual rescuer, ranging from $0-100. No fee shall exceed $100.

Thank you for visiting Grassroots Rescue. If at any time you are unhappy with your experience, please contact Nancy at And if at any time you are looking for a particular type of cat, but do not see him/her on the site, feel free to email and ask as well! We are always rescuing more cats, sometimes their posting has not made it online 🙂


Come Visit Us

Grassroots Rescue is not a shelter – we are an organization comprised of independent rescuers in Snohomish and King Counties, Washington State. Please arrange visits with the individual rescuer of the cat in whom you are interested.

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