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We have additional cats and kittens posted for adoption on Petfinder.  Please click the link to view them.




Cat Tales Rescue does not have a physical shelter.   Our cats are in foster homes in Snohomish County.   To get more information or to make arrangements to see one of our adoptable cats, please contact the foster home listed on the individual cat’s bio page.     You may  choose to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire ahead of time by copy/pasting the application below into an email. We aren’t fussy about formatting.   Or you may download the document and return it as an attachment.  Digital signatures are fine, just type in your name.  Please let us know if you are looking for a particular type of cat in terms of personality, appearance or gender.  We network with other rescue groups and organizations and may be able to suggest others cats or kittens that fit your criteria.

Name or description of cat(s) applying for:

Applicant Name/Age:
Address (inc. zip):
Home Phone :                                                                           E-mail:


Employer & Occupation:


Name/s & Age’s of other household residents.



1. Where do you live? house ___condo ___apartment ___trailer ___


2. Do you own or rent your residence? own ____    rent ____


a. if rent, name of landlord and phone number?


b. are pets allowed?   yes ____   no ____   not sure____


c. is there an additional charge for pets? yes ____   no ____   not sure____


3. Describe those pets you still own:
Sex (spay/neuter?)
4. Please List name & phone number of each vet where your animal(s) received care:
* Clinic name & Number
* Veterinarian:
* Phone number (inc. area code):
* What owner name(s) are records listed under:
* Date of last vet visit:
5. What kind of food do you plan to give your cat?      Do you have a favorite brand?
6. Where do you plan to put the litterbox?


7. Do you plan to declaw this cat/kitten to prevent destructive behavior?  yes  ___   _no  ____  not sure ____
8. Do you want an indoor only, indoor/outdoor, or outdoor only cat? (please circle choice) Please understand not every cat is suited for every situation, you will need to discuss with the rescuer.
9. If you move, what will you do with the cat?


10. Is there any behavior issues that would cause you to give up a cat?


11. Please list what kind of routine medical or veterinary care you plan to provide for your cat.  This may include flea treatment, vaccines or grooming.

I pledge that the above information is true and complete. Further, I give permission to contact my landlord and my veterinarian (as appropriate).  I agree to return the cat to the foster if I am unable to keep him/her.
Signature ________________________________________________ Date


Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest

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