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We believe that all cats are adoptable and deserve a home where they will receive lifetime care.  But with local shelters filled to capacity with adorable kittens and adult cats, there isn’t always space for cats or kittens who need special owners or a particular environment.   Many shelters refer to cats like these as unadoptable.  What is an “unadoptable” cat?  It could be any of the following:

  • Shy
  • Fearful
  • Feral  or unsocialized to humans
  • Senior (Although cats often live to 18 years or more, a cat over 6 – 8 years is considered a senior by many shelters.)
  • Physically disabled
  • Health impaired
  • FIV or FeLV positive
  • Injured
  • Behavioral Issues.  Litter box issues, conflict with  other pets or family members, aggression and  destructive behaviors are all behaviors that can result in an animal being categorized as unadoptable.

Although the cats or kittens on this site may be considered unadoptable by some, we believe that all these cats and kittens can  thrive in the right environment.

Unadoptable.org does not accept donations, but you may support our work indirectly by giving a tax deductible donation to the Community Cat Coalition of Washington.  The CCC is a 501 (c)(3) that  provides support for our efforts by helping with spay/neuter fees, medical care and opportunities to show our unadoptable cats at local events.  You can visit them on the Web at:


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Perfectly Imperfect Cats in the Pacific Northwest